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Press Announcement: Emergency Medical Assistance Service




Press Announcement by Dr Fadhly on 6th December, 2015.

“A very good morning, ladies and gentlemen. I am Dr Fadhly, State Surgeon of St John Ambulance Malaysia State of Melaka. It is a privilege to be invited to commemorate with St John Ambulance Malaysia Bacang Division its 42nd anniversary.

Since 1984, SJAM Bacang Division has been providing non-emergency ambulance services to the public. Its six ambulances are on standby during special events and are engaged to transport patients from their homes to the hospital and back. Continuous contributions from the public through the years have enabled Bacang Division to provide the services it does today. And as such, Bacang Division is planning to upgrade its ambulances and expand its services to provide emergency ambulance services to the community in Melaka. With this is mind, Bacang Division’s officers approached me for advice on establishing an Emergency Medical Assistance Service in Melaka.

The Emergency Medical Assistance Service, known as EMAS, provided by St John Ambulance Malaysia dates back to 1998 where it first began operation in Kuala Lumpur with a fleet of just 2 ambulances. Over the years, EMAS has extended to selected cities, towns, and states across Malaysia, responding to 999 calls and major incidents. EMAS in Bahasa Malaysia means gold, reinforcing the importance of the golden hours in pre-hospital emergency care to the sick and injured. Today, St John Ambulance Malaysia is no longer just an ambulance transport service, but also a paramedic service.

In the state of Melaka, emergency services are provided by Melaka Hospital, Klinik Kesihatan (Government Health Clinics), the Civil Defense Department, and a latest addition – Bomba (the Fire and Rescue Department). With an increasing volume of emergency cases, high demand is place on these providers. EMAS will ease this burden. Seeking to provide EMAS in Melaka, Bacang Division has conducted field research, visiting EMAS operations in Penang, Selangor, Gurun, and Teluk Intan. They have also sent 4 members to attend the Basic Ambulance Care course in Penang.

After much discussion and with the resources it has now, it is my pleasure as EMAS Director of Melaka to officially announce that St John Ambulance Malaysia Bacang Division will begin providing Emergency Medical Assistance Service to the public in the year 2016.

The objectives of Bacang Division’s EMAS are

  • to provide immediate, proper, and efficient life-saving services in the pre-hospital care in the management of trauma casualties and patient with medical emergencies,
  • to transport and transfer patients to and from a hospital, and
  • to prepare for major incidents and national emergencies.

In the early stages of its operation, EMAS ambulances will be stationed at Melaka Hospital’s Emergency Department 5 days a week. Upon completion of the necessary radio infrastructure, the EMAS headquarters will be moved to SJAM Bacang Haemodylasis Centre in Peringgit Jaya. As the operation develops, Bacang Division is looking to provide 24/7 emergency services to the public. Trained ambulance medics will respond to 999 calls from anywhere in Melaka and will also be ready to provide emergency care in the event of a major emergency or disaster.

This service will be provided free of charge to the public and will be funded by donations. Funds are needed to set up the necessary radio communication infrastructure, to upgrade and equip the ambulances before EMAS operations begin, and to run this service. Volunteers are also needed to join the ambulance crew. If you would like to donate, sponsor, volunteer, or work with Bacang Division’s EMAS, please contact Bacang Division for more details. Individuals and businesses are welcomed to partner with SJAM Bacang Division in serving the community.

The EMAS project has been a success in various parts of Malaysia. With the help and continued support of the public, EMAS will also be a success in Melaka, providing critical support to trauma casualties and saving lives through first aid. Join EMAS in upholding the motto of St John Ambulance, ‘Pro utilitate hominum – For the service of mankind.’ Thank you.”

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